The Data Analytics Team tracks and disseminates the University of Pittsburgh’s rankings as determined by prominent media outlets and academic agencies. We provide historical data on national, international, best value, and field/subject rankings for Pitt and benchmark these rankings against peer institutions. In addition, we conduct in-depth analysis on the metrics used by media outlets and academic agencies to calculate their rankings in order to uncover important insights about how to effectively showcase Pitt’s many accomplishments. From research achievements to the quality of our academic programs, the University of Pittsburgh consistently ranks among the best in higher education.

Best Value Rankings

The Data Analytics team tracks a variety of best value rankings, which help students and their families evaluate the likely return on their higher education investment. 

International Rankings

To ensure that Pitt is providing students with a top-notch education that is comparable to international peers, the Data Analytics team tracks Pitt's performance across a host of international rankings

National Rankings

The Data Analytics team tracks Pitt's national rankings in order to stay competitive among other universities in the United States.

Field, School, and Subject Rankings

To keep up with changing times, The Data Analytics Team tracks various field, subject and school rankings to make sure that Pitt is staying current with its curriculum.